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Certified Ethics Professional Online Course


The importance of ethics cannot be overemphasized. It is reflected through ethical conduct, accountability and transparency in the organization.

The course is designed to provide:

  • Adequate training and development of one’s skill set
  • Gain competitive advantage by way of improved performance and behaviour; and
  • Is aimed at contributing positively towards the overall betterment of the organization

A well-trained ethics professional can help strengthen the foundation of the organization(s). More often than not, organizations overlap ethics, law, and compliance. With the help of our course, one will be able to establish the relevance of ethics in today’s business scenario and also gauge the value it adds to the organizations, irrespective of the industry.

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Please write to us at thecea@legasis.in for multiple access at a special price and for training purposes.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Ethics
Introduction – Ethics 00:02:00
Module – Introduction to Ethics 00:15:00
Quiz – Introduction to Ethics 00:03:00
Ethical Theories
Introduction – Ethical Theories 00:02:00
Module – Ethical Theories 00:15:00
Quiz – Ethical Theories 00:03:00
Ethical Leadership
Introduction – Ethical Leadership 00:02:00
Ethical Leadership 00:20:00
Quiz – Ethical Leadership 00:03:00
Corporate Governance
Introduction – Corporate Governance 00:02:00
Module – Corporate Governance 00:10:00
Quiz – Corporate Governance 00:03:00
Ethics in Various Business Functions
Introduction – Ethics in Various Business Functions 00:02:00
Ethics in Various Business Functions 00:15:00
Quiz – Ethics in Various Business Functions 00:03:00
Code of Conduct
Introduction – Code of Conduct 00:02:00
Module – Code of Conduct 00:15:00
Quiz – Code of Conduct 00:03:00
Introduction – POSH 00:02:00
Module – POSH 00:20:00
Quiz – POSH 00:03:00
Introduction – CSR 00:02:00
Module – CSR 00:15:00
Quiz – CSR 00:03:00
Building an Ethical Culture
Introduction – Building an Ethical Culture 00:02:00
Module – Building an Ethical Culture 00:15:00
Quiz – Building an Ethical Culture 00:03:00
Global Scenario of Business Ethics
Introduction – Global Scenario of Business Ethics 00:02:00
Global Scenario of Business Ethics 00:15:00
Quiz – Global Scenario of Business Ethics 00:03:00
Final Quiz
Final Quiz 00:30:00

Course Reviews


22 ratings
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  1. 5

    It was a great learning experience, could gain good insights from all informative sessions. Thank you

  2. 4

    This was a great course, it has enhanced my learning to next level.

  3. 5

    Very nicely and professionally designed course blended with challenging evaluation questions. I am very satisfied to have completed this course successfully.

  4. 5

    Very informative and well structured course. The illustrations are also designed in the perfect way for easy understanding. It was a great learning experience. Thanks !

  5. 4

    It was a very good course indeed. It helps in pondering over issues, which we take casually. It gives us a different perspective to those who are not much exposed to such issues.

    And of course a very good awareness regarding laws , rules and provisions.

    Thank you to the whole team and to Dr. Anita Ma’am for such a smooth, organized and well knit course 🙂

  6. 4

    Its a decent course, good for starters!

  7. 5

    Really a very thought & knowledge provoking course with in depth narration form Anita Mam. Good to be part of this team of experts. Thanks Anita mam. The course has driven me more towards learning Ethics .

  8. 5

    The course has a blend of great ethical norms followed in various organizations. It gives a great understanding of various norms and practices followed in companies. Overall, it was a beneficial experience.

  9. 5

    The essence and the intent behind the course was successfully accomplished. It covered the concepts thoroughly and was simple enough to understand. Overall it was well designed and a great learning experience.

  10. 5

    This course is very thorough and easy to understand. Well-designed modules with relevant examples and illustrations. Overall – great learning experience!

  11. 5

    Precise and well designed module. Had a great learning experience. Relevant course material

  12. 5

    It is a well designed module covering many imp aspects. It is easy to understand. Recommended for all KMPs and senior management.

  13. 5

    The course was well complemented by carefully presented in-depth reading material which made it possible to read ahead, rather than frantically taking notes like in some online modules. Dr. Shantaram’s approach towards the modules are principle based, to the point, very interesting and intellectually enriching.

  14. 5

    I had the opportunity and the privilege to be a part of the online certification course on compliance and ethics conducted by EthicsIndia.
    I not only benefited from it but it also enabled a wider perspective despite being in the compliance domain for over 9 years. The course material was very relevant and insightful. It never reminded us of the fact that the faculty and the student was never in front of each other. The material was very relevant and structurally thought through. The evaluation isn’t too easy and is mostly thought provoking.
    I would highly recommend this course to anyone from varied backgrounds as it will add to a lot of value to your thought process.

  15. 5

    The professional ethics course is very well designed and developed to provide the required knowledge and understanding of the topic. The various audio visual tracks including the presentation ensure that there is parity between classroom teaching and online courses. The course is necessary for professionals and entrepreneurs to revisit the ideology and goals of doing business. The necessary laws and rules focused therein are often sidetracked by organisations even the code of conduct are poorly drafted, however the course reflects the importance and also the way and means towards fulfillment of the requirements. It has helped me understand the true reason of doing business which is doing the business itself, not just making profit.

  16. 5

    Had a great learning experience with this well structured & illustrative sessions. In normal parlance, such a topic makes us little drowsy to catch, but the sessions doesn’t seem boring here. A combination of video, slide presentation, quiz and reading material in every session was nicely built.

  17. 5

    Beautifully structured module to help professionals the importance of business ethics in contributing growth of the Organization and their careers.

  18. 5

    Loved the course….though we should spend more time on the theory part of the ethics to make it even better

  19. 4

    The course is nicely formulated and considers all aspects of Ethics related information in concise forms.

    Thanks Legasis team for buidling the course.

  20. 4

    Thank you for designing such a unique course. The content is very comprehensive. Though the topic feels heavy, concepts are explained very nicely and the language used is quite simple. Thank you once again Ethics India.

  21. Course Content


    The understanding and the Contents are very specific like it….really good and the all web and rest technical supports are very good…..Appreciate …keep up

  • 300 Days
  • Course Certificate


The aim of EthicsIndia is to take forward the findings of the research study conducted at the doctoral thesis level. This has given the researcher the conviction to enable companies in their pursuit to bring Ethics into Business practice.

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